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Support the KOG Preschool

King of Glory Preschool is a non-profit, faith-based school. It continues to thrive on the principle that it is a ministry to the children and families who attend. Support from families and others in the community is so important and appreciated. Listed below are some ways you can be involved in supporting King of Glory Preschool.

Fry’s Community Rewards Program:
If you are a Fry’s shopper and have a V.I.P card, you can go online to register that card under King of Glory Preschool. In turn, KOG Preschool will receive a small portion of the amount that you spend at Fry’s in the form of a rebate check. Visit and look up King of Glory Preschool in the list of schools.  Select our school and click the “save changes” tab.

Labels for Education:
The preschool collects all Campbell soup labels as well as labels from products such as Pepperidge Farms items, Pop Secret popcorn, Prego Sauce items, Pace Salsa, V8 Drinks and all Post Cereal products. You will find collection containers in both classrooms, the Preschool Office and the Welcome Center of the church.  The points earned from collecting labels are used for playground equipment, art supplies, science materials, etc.
Check out for more information on the program and eligible products.

Original Works Artwork:
Through the Original Works program, you are able to purchase wonderful keepsake items with your child or grandchild’s original art on them. The preschool receives a rebate of all items purchased.

Harkins Summer Movie Tickets:
Every February, KOG Preschool helps parents acquire Harkin Summer Movie Tickets for the coming summer. This is a great way of seeing fun movies and staying cool at the same time. Harkins schedules 10 movies per summer for a cost of $7 per person, adult or child. The preschool receives a rebate from all tickets purchased.

Friend Us on Facebook:
Social support of the preschool is also important. You can “friend” us on Facebook to receive updates on events and activities that are happening in the preschool. You can also share those posts with other friends and family. Visit the KOG Preschool Facebook Page.