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A Cursillo (pronounced KER-SEE-O) is a three (3) day learning, sharing, inspirational experience of living in a Christian community.  The word “Cursillo” is Spanish, meaning “a short course”.  During the three days of a Cursillo weekend a person not only hears inspiring talks on what it really means to be a Christian but actually experiences the joy of building and being part of a genuine Christian Community.

What Happens After the Cursillo Weekend

The Cursillo weekend comes to you wherever you are in your Christian walk. When correctly applied and overseen, the method of Cursillo has very positive results in the spiritual revitalization of the Christian Community.  The influence of Christ on the individual is then transferred to his/her family, church, school place of business, social circle, etc.  The goal of the Cursillo Movement is to make Christ the prime influence in one’s life and in society.

The Cursillista (one who attended a weekend) is encouraged to do three (3) things:

  1. Expand his/her own prayer life through an individual program of daily spiritual exercise.
  2. Initiate an on-going study program.
  3. Become a more active apostle with and for Christ.

This is just a brief introduction to the Cursillo movement and I hope to be able to present you more information in the weeks to come.   There will be more articles in the Newsletter and a “Cursillo Talk”   will be given in the next weeks ahead during the church services.   We hope to have a brief meeting one Sunday to answer more fully the questions you may have regarding Cursillo and attending a weekend.

At this time I am hoping to get a response from those in the congregation that have attended Cursillo—whether it be in Arizona or at another state or another expression of the Cursillo movement.    Please feel free to contact me at either my email address or my cell phone (480)818-2235.    I will be anxious to hear from you as I would like to get a Cursillo community started at King of Glory.

“Make a friend, be a friend and bring that friend to Christ.”