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Registration forms for Sunday School are available in the Church Office and in the Welcome Center.

Join us at King of Glory on a wonderful journey of faith through our Children and Family Ministry Programs  (Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grades 1-4) and Crossover (Grades 5-6).  We encourage children to become involved at any stage of this incredible journey. All are welcome!

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“Building Our Faith…One Step At A Time”

When a child begins his or her faith journey, there are many steps to take.  It is through this journey that each child will come to know and love God.  The Children’s Ministry & Crossover Directors have created specific “Faith Steps” – prayers and Bible passages – for children to commit to memory for each of our programs.  These are meant to…

  • build a bridge for children at King of Glory, from their first exposure in our Nursery to a loving Christian environment, on up to practicing their faith in Crossover education (5th & 6th grades)
  • create a stronger partnership of church and home as we work together to support the children and their faith-filled accomplishments
  • recognize and celebrate the children’s faith milestones as a congregation.

The children are directly taught these faith steps in class, but they are also strongly encouraged to practice their memorization work with their families at home.  When ready, a child will recite his or her faith step to the teacher.  Twice each year (in Fall and Spring) children are recognized once each has accomplished an individual faith step, by receiving during a worship service the respective Faith Step Certificate in celebration of each child’s growing faith.  Our hope is that, in taking these steps, we give our children the tools needed to make their faith journeys as fulfilling as possible.